The excitement of building or renovating your home can quickly become stressful

On average 9 out of 10 builds will exceed their budget. And if that wasn’t enough, there is a shortage of tradespeople in Australia. In 2022 there were 100,000 unfilled roles in construction. This is making it very hard for home owners to source builders and other tradies for their construction project.

In addition, managing a home build is like having a full-time job. Very few people realise the time commitment and the emotional impact of the stress. That’s why Baja Projects is here to help.

How we help

We are a team of experienced building project managers that help home owners build their dream home by managing the end-to-end process for them. We know how to manage builders and their trades to ensure everyone understands your expectations. Our focus is quality tradesmanship, keeping the project on track and minimising cost creep. We troubleshoot problems and help you make informed decisions. See how we’ve helped other Sydney homeowners bring their vision to life.

Why work with Baja Projects?

  1. Access to quality builders who have shorter wait times than any you can find for yourself.
  2. If you have an ambitious build, we’ll find you specialist trades with experience in your type of build.
  3. Introductions to great architects who can help you turn your new home vision into building plans that fit your budget.
  4. Working with councils and obtaining DA approvals can be complicated so we’ll take care of it for you.
  5. We can manage the entire building process on your behalf – including:
    • Tendering for contractors
    • Engaging the trades you need
    • Managing costs and timelines
    • Problem solving unexpected design issues and finding the most cost effective solution
    • Ensuring quality execution at each stage of your build

Baja Projects are experts in construction and will work as your representative. That means you can feel confident we have your best interests front and centre in everything we do. So when something unexpected occurs or you hit a roadblock, you’ll know you can count on the knowledge, expertise and industry connections of the Baja Projects team.

Baja and Can Too foundation working together

Baja Project is now a limited sponsor / business partner with Can Too Foundation.

Can Too is a not for profit foundation which raises funds for Cure cancer Australia wide by running running and swimming programmes. To learn more and donate to this wonderful foundation, click link below.

Our Services

Project Planning

We start with an in-depth meeting to discuss your vision and what you want your home to be. From there, we can conduct feasibility reports, risk assessments and engage specialists consultants, if required.

Design and Working With Your Architect

We are happy to work closely with your architect. If you already have architectural plans, we can evaluate whether they will fit your budget. Or assist you in selecting an architect who can transform your ideas into building plans.

Construction Approvals and Certificates

Preparing council approvals and development applications are complex and time consuming. We will take care of everything for you throughout your build, including private certifier certificates.

Building Variations

Even the best planned building projects have bumps along the way. We’ll help you explore cost effective options and vigorously assess any cost or specification variations to help keep your project on-track.

Budgeting and Costing

Budget overruns can be the most stressful part of any build. As your project managers, we will prepare, evaluate and run your quoting process to help keep your budget under control.

Construction Management

This is often the most time consuming aspect of building a new home or undertaking a major renovation. We will monitor and quality control the build, manage scheduling and programming as well as evaluate your builder’s progress claims.

Where We Work



Central Coast

We work with clients in the greater Sydney area from Cronulla to Palm Beach and out to Kurrajong.
In the Newcastle area we help clients build single, detached homes and small-medium sized townhouse developments. We’re also available to assist if you have a unique project on the NSW South Coast.
We work with many clients in the NSW Mid-Coast from Port Stephens to Taree and Gloucester. Further north, we will assist clients with unique projects who require our assistance.

A stress-free building experience is only a phone call away. So call Baja Projects now on 0416 271 291 or complete our Enquiry Form here.

Coming Soon

Bayview major renovation
Tumbi Umbi major addition & Pool
Strathfield New Build House & Pool

Our Recent Projects

Millers Point Apartments

Our Client wanted two apartments converted into one large apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour. Our challenge was to redesign the project finishes to get within their budget which we achieved. We selected and managed the building contractor & authorities to the Occupation Certificate.

Our Blog

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    Managing stress and your finances

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