About Us

Why you need Baja to run your next project

Our Team

Our team members have enjoyed many years in senior management positions with some of the country’s leading construction companies. We’ve also headed project management teams on many major construction projects.

Some have fulfilled long-held dreams of project managing the construction of their own homes. These processes have lead to two important realisations:

  1. How having knowledge we can recognise site difficulties in advance in the design phase without comprising the project outcome or incurring unnecessary expense during the build-this saves clients expense and minimises unwanted surprises.
  2. How much we enjoy working on projects where by applying our expertise we reduce their stress & enhance the future living environment of our clients.

We are a group of like-minded professionals

  • We love our work and take pride in quality;
  • We take the time to really understand a client’s aspirations;
  • We are up-front about issues and constraints;
  • We run our projects with total transparency;
  • We place our clients’ interests first and foremost;
  • We set the bar high for those we engage;
  • We treat all parties with respect and fairness and expect the same in return;
  • We believe in safe work practices and sites;
  • We are committed to continuously improving our services;
  • We respect and aim to improve the environment and the communities we operate within and live amongst.

But enough about us –
let’s talk about you!

  • Are you planning to build a new home or renovate?
  • Perhaps you are considering a residential development as an investment or for on-sale?
  • Are you time-poor but would like to fast track some concepts or ideas about what, how or when to build?
  • Are you in the middle of a project and having some problems?

Take some action! If it’s urgent, feel free to call me. If you prefer, drop me an email, outlining the matter you’d like Baja to help with. This is what we are here for – you.