Baja Project Managers

Baja has been managing projects for over 20 years

1. A Baja Project Manager will take the Stress out of building your new home or renovation

We will plan every detail and approval for you and make sure the right builder is selected at the right price and is make sure the builder is managed throughout the building process so you don’t need to be there everyday or answer phone calls or emails as we do this for you.

2. A Baja Project Manager will save you time

Managing a project takes a lot of time and a lot of focus. There are many components to managing a project: juggling multiple suppliers and contractors, organising and implementing a timeline, and managing risk and quality control. A good PM will assume complete ownership of the project—from start to finish—freeing you up to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

3. A Baja Project Manager will save you money

Baja has developed strong relationships with the best  contractors and suppliers over the years that we leverage for the best deals. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensures that optimal and consistent service is delivered to the client day in and day out.

4. A Baja Project Manager will reduce your risks

Every project has a certain amount of risk, but should problems threaten to derail your project, the Baja Project Manager has a clearly defined plan. This framework facilitates timely decision making to resolve problems and mitigate potential risks.

5. A Baja Project Manager will prevent variation creep

Potentially, slippage of time and/or money can jeopardise the success of a project. Both can be the result of variation creep. Successful project management controls the flow of a project and keeps team members focused on and working within the original scope of work.