What do you do if your builder goes bust?

No-one will want to talk to you about this but the stark reality is the construction game is risky. From time to time, builders go bust. So what do you do if it happens to you? We sincerely hope this doesn’t happen to you but experienced project managers like us can see the symptoms before … Read more

Managing stress and your finances

Being an owner-builder is not a short-term gig. The lead-up prior to construction could be 12-18 months or more, for the design, plans, approvals and finalised quotes. Once building begins, you’ll experience a steep learning curve as you manage the project and deal with each trade. It’s this lack of knowledge that leaves so many … Read more


As an owner-builder, there are 2 aspects to time: Construction time Project management time Construction timeIf you are building a new home or undergoing a substantial renovation, you will need to find somewhere else to live. That means you will be paying rent and making mortgage repayments until your home is completed and you can … Read more

Which tradesperson &/or quote do you trust?

Have you ever obtained multiple quotes for the same job? If you have you may have noticed huge disparity in the amount of detail each tradesperson provides. This makes it very hard to compare quotes and work out the inclusions. When it comes to building a house, it’s even more complicated because there are so … Read more

Managing unexpected costs

You’ll often hear people say you need to put aside additional funds for unexpected costs during the build. This is absolutely correct but how much money will you need? The most likely time you will strike the unexpected is during the excavation phase of a new build or the demolition phase of a renovation. The … Read more

Did you know “owner-builders” have difficulty obtaining finance?

In Australia 3 out of 5 owner-builders will go significantly over budget when building or undergoing substantial home renovations. As a result, they have insufficient funds to complete their home. The Banks know this and are reluctant to lend – even to trained, licensed and experienced builders – because of the high risks of budget … Read more