Bayview Project – Work in progress nearing completion

Fear stopped this client and their dreams of a larger home

More than anything else, this client wanted a stress-free build. But stories of builder problems became very real when one of their friends took their builder to court and another friend had daily arguments with their builder.

As a result, dreams of renovating and extending their home were put on hold until we stepped in to help.

We took care of every aspect of the renovation for this client which comprised a full refurbishment of their existing home and a second story addition. When completed, the home will have 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a 3 car garage.

The client engaged us to assist with every aspect of their renovation, including introducing them to an architect who had the plans drawn within 2 weeks of the initial meeting. The client loved the new design and immediately approved them.

The home is currently nearing completion and the client couldn’t be happier. The entire process has been absolutely seamless and they haven’t had to worry about anything.

Why ask Baja Projects to help you build your dream home?

Because they’ll take the stress out of building or renovating your home. To discover how, contact Baja Projects.