Catherine Hill Bay – Work in progress nearing completion

Identifying poor soil testing saved this client thousands!

Sometimes mistakes happen and it takes a trained and experienced eye to identify an issue before it becomes a major problem. This is certainly the case for this new build.

The client’s architect had asked us to source a skilled builder and to project manage construction of the 400m2 6 bedroom home. But no-one could anticipate how valuable our advice would be for the client.

As the site was being prepared, the team identified a problem with the soil. Baja Projects insisted on pausing the project while further soil testing and a geo-technical assessment were conducted.

These tests identified the original soil testing had been conducted in the landscaped areas of the site – not in the build area itself. As a result, the enormous home wasn’t designed for the ground conditions of this reclaimed mining area.

By identifying problems before construction began, we saved the client many, many thousands of dollars and prevented significant structural problems in the new home’s design.

Why ask Baja Projects to help you build your dream home?

Because sometimes the unexpected happens. Before you build, contact Baja Projects.