Collaroy Norfolk Avenue

Reno or knockdown? The client needed help to decide.

The client originally asked for a significant renovation of their 3-story home. However, the renovation couldn’t deliver on their requirements. With so many compromises required, we suggested the client compare the costs of renovating vs knocking down their family home to build a new one.

Based on the numbers, a new build would be cheaper and best of all, it would deliver the design outcomes the client wanted, without compromise. So that’s what they did.

The new build design struck problems gaining council approval. However, we identified the problems and supervised the correction to quickly obtain the DA from the council. The next hurdle was finding builders who could deliver the design within budget. So we found the ideal builder for the client.

A COVID build, construction was hit with a 3-month lockdown and 100 days of wet weather. But, the home was still completed on budget and the client is thrilled with the result.

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