Elanora Heights

New home build on rocky cliff face required specialist building expertise. But how do you find the right builder?

Building on a hill provides spectacular views but construction can be challenging. That was certainly the case for this project where the home was being built on a rockface amongst a significant number of resident bush turkeys!

The client had already engaged the architect and had approved the plans for a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, double garage home. The design was an engineering masterpiece and a magnificent looking home.

But finding the right builder with the experience and expertise to turn the design into reality was a significant issue. In addition, many builders weren’t prepared to deal with the difficulties of delivering and managing the building materials on such a challenge site.

The client asked us to help them find the right builder and to project manage construction. We work with a number of carefully selected builders – each with their own area of expertise. For this home, they sourced a builder who could handle all the building and logistical challenges of the project.

The final product is a stunning looking home that takes full advantage of the fabulous views and lush greenery of the Elenora Heights area.

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