Millers Point Apartments

How do you find the right builder for a heritage precinct project?

Converting 2 units into 1 large apartment, in the Finger Wharf Precinct of Sydney, requires additional expertise.

Design approval was a 3-step process covering Wharf approval, strata approval and council approval. With busy careers, the clients asked us to organise the entire process including design, gaining approvals, builder selection and project management.

By carefully selecting a builder with considerable experience within the Finger Wharf precinct, we ensured the apartment conversion ran very smoothly.

Baja Projects works with a large variety of specialist builders to ensure clients have access to the right type of builder for their home.

Why ask Baja Projects to help you build your dream home?

Because they will help you find the best builder for the job. Need help with finding a great builder? Contact Baja Projects.