South Strathfield – Work in progress

Problems with gaining council approval evolves into a smooth building process

Our client wanted his new home to be just like the one he grew up in – a classic, solidly built, brick home that blends beautifully with the facades of his neighbours’ homes.

He decided to knockdown his existing home and build a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2-story home. His requirements also included a double garage, pool and kabana.

In particular, the client wanted the second story to have a concrete slab floor which is unusual and more expensive to build. But this was how his childhood home was built and that’s what he wanted.

The client asked us to help him with the design, obtaining council approval, finding a builder and project managing the construction phase.

When the local council saw the design, they were enthusiastic about the client’s desire for the home to blend into the local streetscape. However, they raised 4 concerns. With help from our team, the client challenged the council’s objections and won each point.

Demolition of the existing house has been completed and construction of the new home has begun. It’s anticipated the build time will be 12 months.

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