Managing stress and your finances

Being an owner-builder is not a short-term gig. The lead-up prior to construction could be 12-18 months or more, for the design, plans, approvals and finalised quotes.

Once building begins, you’ll experience a steep learning curve as you manage the project and deal with each trade. It’s this lack of knowledge that leaves so many owner-builders vulnerable to cost blowouts and delays.

Because so much time and effort has gone into planning your new home or renovation, it’s important and highly personal for you. That means it’s hard to stay calm and objective when small issues occur during the build. Tensions with your builder and other trades can quickly escalate converting small problems into major ones.

Managing the construction finances is another issue – especially when unforeseen problems occur. Trying to balance the books and ensure you have sufficient funds to complete the project is hard work and can be extremely time consuming if you need to find savings to cover the unexpected costs.

How to prevent the agro
Being an owner-builder is a relentless task that will consume all of your time, energy and stamina. Over the years BAJA Projects’ Managing Director has even seen owner-builders collapse due to the mental and physical pressures of managing the construction of their home.

So ask yourself, is it worth it?

Recently a client described the BAJA Projects team as “a source of calm in a stressful environment”. BAJA Projects will liaise with you and the builder to provide an objective approach that dissipates tensions. We’ll also monitor your budget to keep it in check. If required, we’ll quickly identify areas you may be able to save money if your situation changes. It’s all part of our role as your project manager.

If you want a stress-free build that remains within budget, talk to BAJA Projects on 0416 271 291 or email