So you think your project is ready to start – the harsh realities of owner-builders

Good tradespeople are busy so arranging a time for them to quote will be challenging. Many will have so many jobs booked into the future, they won’t be available to quote. Then there is your availability. Are you able to take time off work to obtain those quotes?

Even if you have great tradespeople selected and the quotes finalised, work can be delayed because a professional builder has asked the tradesperson to work for them. After all, you are only one job. A professional builder has the potential to provide a tradesperson with regular work every day throughout the year.

As much as you may hate it, it makes sense your construction project will be ignored for the opportunity of regular work. But that’s one of the ways engaging BAJA Projects will help you. Over the years we have developed strong working relationships with large numbers of builders and trades. They value our working relationship so if they are chosen to build your home, they’ll honour that commitment.

The best tradespeople and builders are in-demand but BAJA Projects will help you go to the top of the queue. So contact us today on 0416 271 291 or