As an owner-builder, there are 2 aspects to time:

  • Construction time
  • Project management time

Construction time
If you are building a new home or undergoing a substantial renovation, you will need to find somewhere else to live. That means you will be paying rent and making mortgage repayments until your home is completed and you can move in. For most people, this is quite draining financially so they need their home to be completed as quickly as possible.

If you aren’t familiar with the building industry, you have no way of knowing how long things take. Misunderstandings and tensions often occur between owner-builders and tradespeople because of this lack of knowledge.

The BAJA Projects team know what’s reasonable so they can guide you on what to expect and the implications it may have on the completion time. That’s one of the reasons our clients love having us on-board to help them.

Project management time
Do you feel like your days are already full? For most people the answer is “yes”! Deciding to be an owner-builder will add significant time requirements to your already busy schedule.

It’s something most people don’t anticipate when they start on this journey. But soon the lost evenings, weekends, even lunch breaks, begin to add up as you:

  • Obtain and compare quotes
  • Arrange insurance and other legal requirements
  • Select fixtures and fittings, paint, décor etc.
  • Meet with the builder and/or other trades
  • Prepare monthly Bill of Quantities (if required)
  • Make quick decisions as problems arise on-site
  • Manage the budget throughout the build
  • And so on

With the BAJA Projects team on your side, you have knowledgeable experts to do most of this for you so you can relax and take your time on “FUN” things like choosing your colours, décor, fixtures, fittings etc.

Live your life and enjoy the experience
Building or renovating your home should be an exciting experience that’s filled with fun. Not something that crushes your social life and places pressure on your closest relationships.

If you value your time, ask BAJA Projects to do the hard work for you. Call or email today on 0416 271 291 or info@bajaprojects.com.au