Which tradesperson &/or quote do you trust?

Have you ever obtained multiple quotes for the same job? If you have you may have noticed huge disparity in the amount of detail each tradesperson provides. This makes it very hard to compare quotes and work out the inclusions.

When it comes to building a house, it’s even more complicated because there are so many trades involved and everyone is working off complicated drawings and specification sheets.

Where does it go wrong? 
When reviewing quotations, there are 3 key areas where things can go wrong. They are:

  1. The owner assumes something is included in the quote while the tradesperson has assumed the owner will supply (e.g. site safety fencing, portable toilet or insurance).
  2. The quote provides an allowance for a standard fixture (e.g. light switches) but the owner wants something high-end – or vice versa.
  3. Trying to determine which builder will be reliable and capable of delivering on their promises based on a quote.

How do you know who to choose?
With years of experience in the construction industry, the BAJA Projects team know some of the best builders in Sydney. We will review your project and find a great builder to build or renovate your home.

BAJA Projects will:

  • Prepare a concise scope of works to ensure everyone understands what is required
  • Obtain quotes and compare them against the specifications
  • Assist with preparation of the contract between you and the builder
  • Attend site meetings with the builder and liaise with you to keep you informed of progress
  • Act as an intermediary and reduce stress if problems arise
  • Find cost effective options to resolve any unforeseen issues during construction

For expert advice on choosing the right builder or tradesperson for your project, talk to BAJA Projects 0416 271 291 or email info@bajaprojects.com.au